Welcome To Sowbal Aerothermics

Sowbal Aerothermics is a small scale innovative heating equipment Manufacturing Unit situated in an industrial suburb of Secunderabad ,India. The primary objective of our industry is to innovate products related to electrical heating systems. We have developed & patented ceramic honeycomb based air heater jointly with Dept. of Science & Technology, Govt. of India. We have received grants under Technopreneur Promotion Program from Dept. of Scientific & Industrial Research for development of prototypes based on these heaters. We have extended our efforts to reach out to many applications that need improved devises to conserve energy. For this purpose we have employed our developments in more and more innovative manners and have made the following achievements


  • First Patent for ENERGY EFFICIENTCERAMIC HONEYCOMB AIR HEATER applied jointly with M/s ARCI (Govt of India) in 1999. Patent granted in 2007
  • Second Indian Patent for welding Rod oven applied in 2007- PCT published in 2008
  • Third Indian patent for improved heater applied in 2009, PCT Published in 2011, US Patent issued in 2015
  • Fourth Indian Patent for Low pressure superheated steam generator applied in April 2013. US patent applied in 2015
  • Fifth Joint Indian patent for improved heater for air and fluids applied in 2015 . US patent applied in 2015


  • Various prototypes were developed and subsequently commercialized.
  • We feel proud to mention that we enjoy absolute monopoly in certain fields
  • A large client base in India and Abroad.


  • Long life infrared heaters for poultry , industrial as well as domestic applications.
  • Sauna steamers
  • Tortilla warmers
  • Miniature air heaters with up to 1.5 volts /80 amps power
  • Foot warmers for cold climates