Electrical Infrared Heaters for Poultry.


Electrically operated infrared heaters of 1000 Watts /240 Volts capacity which have a Temperature regulator, an Infrared heater, a specially designed SS Reflector to improve the efficiency, a cover cap with a hook to allow easy support from the roof and also mount the heat regulator. These units can offer comfortable heat within an area of at least 80 Sq Ft per heater. No maintenance, no worries, Very economical to install as well as to run. Very useful for poultry industry .

Vacuum assisted Low Temperature Drying of Vegetable /Animal Products


Hand Held Infra Red Heaters for Drying Surfaces.


We manufacture Wall mounted, pole mounted as well as hand held infrared heaters for different applications.

Infrared Tunnel Drying of Different Materials


The unit is preset to 45 deg cent with thermal cutout. Wattage- 100 Watts with 239 volts AC/ 110 volts DC. very useful for cold climates and disabled.

Infrared drying on vibratory conveyor


Very useful for food products and non sticky products for drying and roasting.