High Temperature High Volume Hot Air Blowers


Sowbal Aerothermics also makes special purpose Hot Air Blowers for flanged applications. These Hot air blowers are mostly used in large drying units and for large volumes of low pressure air. The blower on the left is employed for coating pan drying applications with a flexible SS 304 pipe attached to the flange portion. Video demo can be organized for these blowers on request

Some of these hot air blowers are finding extensive use in hand held operations in a wide range of industries like textiles, roof surface layering/insulation, roto molding, online drying & spot drying applications among many. Since the convection efficiency of these heaters is very high, the life expectancy is also very high. The economics, efficiency & adaptability make these heaters a designers favorite. The energy efficiency makes the product very viable to almost all consumers in different fields.

Component drier with Hot Air


Table top model designed for a oil seal manufacturer , can be supplied for large capacity against order.

Hot Air Blower (3 Phase 9 KW): – 150 CFM – 250 Deg Centigrade or more.

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Welding Rod Ovens – HOWER


The process of preheating / baking of welding rods definitely adds to the process costs, process time and energy consumption of the workshop. With this in mind, SOWBAL AEROTHERMICS, researched on the various possibilities of improving the productivity, reducing the energy costs and most importantly the quality of drying of the welding rod and worked to develop a flux coated welding rod preheating oven of simple design and with low start up times, high thermal efficiency, high energy efficiency, high operational efficiency, low input power, uniformity in process parameters, long life, compact design and portability – Resulting in the invention of “HOWER“ the Heating Oven for Welding Electrode Rod. (Patent Pending)

HOWER – HOWER saves appreciable quantities of energy, offer higher productivity, result in improved drying of welding rods while indirectly improving the quality of subsequent welding joints produced out of these electrodes. The Space saving and portability aspects of the oven make the product very attractive to the fabricators. The need for large heating and storage ovens is reduced as the HOWER offers an excellent solution to both heat and maintains the temperature with increased productivity. Heating can be accomplished with full load of power while the holding can be accomplished with regulated power and air, where by during the holding stage a very small amount of power is consumed. We feel proud to say that our Welding Ron Oven: HOWER is better than any other welding rod warmer available in the market and this is substantiated by the results achieved during our field trials.