Hot Air Blower for Confectionary Wrapping Machines


Hot Air units for cut and wrap machines are perfectly suited for the cut and wrap machines using foil that needs heat to set the twist. The total power requirement for the Heater + Air blower is just 550 watts making it probably the most economical unit available. These hot air units are “ready to fit” type and need no skill for commissioning. . A voltage regulator provided can be used to increase or decrease the heat as per need .Our air heaters are energy efficient and are suitable to different makes of machines. A modified version of these units LP-1000w IS used for lolly pop twisting also.

We are proud to say that one can walk into any of the 350 odd Indian Confectionery manufacturing units to find only our hot air blowers in all their twist wrap machines.

Even the Wrapping machine manufacturers including the UK based AMP Rose install our air heaters in their machines as accessories. We attribute this monopoly to the power savings, economy and longevity offered by our equipments.

We offer single nozzle ,double nozzle and triple nozzle units to this industry

Roti Rewarmer


  • Very usefull for rewarming rotis/ Tortillas
  • Output of 28 rotis per minute
  • Does not make the Roti Brittle
  • Aroma and Texture is maintained making it Tastier.
  • Can be supplied as chain driven linier unit.

Grain and Spices Drier


  • Very Efficient for Heating at Low Temperatures
  • Tangential Air Inlet improves air reach to the grains
  • Very useful for grains and spices drying
  • can be supplied upto 100 kgs per hour capacity

Hot Air Blowers With Controls


  • Double Nozzle Low Volume High Temperature Air Blowers

Tailor Made Hot Air Blowers


Sowbal Aerothermics makes special purpose equipments like Hand Held / Supported Hot Air Blowers of up to 15000 watts/440/230/110 volts, Tubaxial Hot Air Blowers, Compressed air Heaters . We can supply Hot air blowers from 0.05 KW to 15 KW and temperatures of 50 Deg cent to 600 Deg centigrade. We make hot air blowers tailor made to suit individual client needs.