Laboratory Table Top Vertical Tube Infrared Furnace


  • Operates with PID Controls / Thyrister controls
  • Vacuum unit can be offered
  • very useful for research labs

Welding Rod Baking Oven


  • Capacity – 25 Kgs/ 50 Kgs
  • Highly Energy Efficient
  • Can be offered with Programmable Controls
  • Long Trouble Free Life
  • Can be offered in 110/240 Volts
  • Temperature up to 400 deg cent

Flux Baking Oven for Submerged Arc Welding Shop


  • Energy Efficient Ovens for stabilizing/baking Flux used in submerged arc welding
  • We have a long list of very satisfied clients. We can offer from 50 Kgs to 100 Kgs capacity Baking ovens
  • Out put range – 50 Kgs and 100 Kgs Batch Ovens
  • Top Loading ,bottom discharge
  • Total heating chamber in SS 304

Two Tier Hot Plate for Kitchens


  • For orders on request

PC Enabled Thyrister driven Muffle Furnace


This is our recent addition to serve Laboratories, scientific and defense establishments. We can manufacture and supply, PC enabled Thyrister driven, High temperature and Low temperature Furnaces and Ovens for close control of temperature and programmable applications. We have supplied to prestigious international organizations. We can offer Furnaces up to 1600 Deg Cent chamber temperatures.